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Cloud VPS

Virtual Private Servers

from Rs 595.00 /mo
  • Starts with 2vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB NVMe
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Cloud VDS

Virtual Dedicated Servers (Standard Cloud)

from Rs 2375.00 /mo
  • Starts with 4vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 200 GB NVMe
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Storage VPS

Dedicated Storage VPS

from Rs 899.00 /mo
  • Starts with 500GB storage on Enterprise HDD’s in Raid6
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Bare Metal

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

from Rs 7500.00 /mo
  • Bare metal servers with full control, Ipmi & latest configurations
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Email Services

Dedicated Email Servers for SME & Enterprises

from Rs 1999.00 /mo
  • Choose from SoGo or Zimbra Collaboration Suite with ActiveSync as a standard feature
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SSL Certs

Domain & Wildcard SSL

from Rs 331.00 /mo
  • Choose from GGSSL, Sectigo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL with Unlimited Re-issues during the subscription
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NAS on Cloud

Private NAS, extended on Cloud

from Rs 699.00 /mo
  • Secure & convenient storage solution to keep your off-site data
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NextCloud with Docs

Read / edit doc, xls, pdf files online

from Rs 1899.00 /mo
  • Share & collaborate files & data with team members. A perfect alternative to Google Drive + Docs
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Storage S3

For higher storage, custom

from Rs 349.00 /mo
  • Share links to stored files and manage public access to each file as needed
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Business Backup

Unlimited Data Transfer

from Rs 3300.00 /mo
  • Storage - 100GB,Unlimited Data Transfer
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Cpanel Hosting

Automate best strategies

from Rs 865.00 /mo
  • Automate best strategies and focus more on generating.
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Dedicated Storage Server

Dedicated Storage servers

from Rs 5500.00 /mo
  • High Performance Single Tenant Bare Metal Storage Servers with Ransomware protection
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Spectra for all your Cloud Hosting needs

With 20+ years experience, Spectra stands for delivering high quality solutions at affordable prices.

With over 30 technical support personnel and availability round the clock, you will always have a great experience. Be it Level 1,2 or 3 support, we got you covered. Our Level 1 team is well trained to take care of 85% of your probelms.

Focus on growing your business without worrying about the costs you incur on technology and hosting.

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How do we keep our prices so low?

Server Hardware Selection

The server hardware selection process at Spectra is very simple. It consists of three major aspects – 1. CPU Performance per INR, 2. CPU Performance per Watt of electricity, 3. Durability. This way, we are certain that the deployed server hardware will be having the best price to performance ratio, low heat emission and will be long-lasting and inexpensive.

Economies Of Scale

We manage to keep our prices low by practicing economies of scale & uniformity. We have uniform & modular hardware platform across our datacenter locations & we buy hardware in bulk; not a common practice among most of our competitors. This helps to keep our costs down and lower maintenance; thereby charging affordable prices to our clients. We are profitable in such lower prices too.

Performance & Optimisation

The heart of our infra is KVM – the best of virtualisation technology. This allows us full control on the host at hypervisor level. The hosts are optimised using our in-house customised scripts that are developed and deployed to manage and monitor our servers. We do not part our revenue with the proprietary vendors keeping our running costs low and extract more juice from the hardware. Doing all this, we offer stable performance while keeping the costs low.

Lean Approach

We are Indians, and lean approach is in our DNA. We spend cautiously. We keep our monthly expenses low. We strive to keep the things simple and easy and stay profitable. To ascertain we are going fine, we are audited by CRISIL and are rated as SME1 (Highest Credibility) – means you can bank upon us. And yes, we are not a start-up.

Everything Monitored

Monitoring helps being in control & perform better

You deserve monitoring of the resources you use with us. Monitoring helps mitigate unexpected slowness or outages. You will know which time of the day or which week of the month your server requires more resources. This helps in your applications performing well, and to us in meeting our SLA commitments with you. Not to mention, it's our business to keep your business running!

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